Craftsman Renovation 1 [the introduction]

216 East Third Street before renovations begin.

Here lately we've been asked when and where we are moving next. It seems we've become known for our back-to-back renovation exploits —and— since we've spent a record amount of time in our current home, we wanted to go ahead and quash any ideas on our next steps since a sign has gone up at the corner of 3rd & 3rd in the Between the Rivers neighborhood of downtown Rome — though we understand the temptation to ask in a small town where word spreads fast!

We have always been captivated by the cute craftsman cottage at 216 E. 3rd Street. For a time, we lived immediately next door in a 1925 brick home we rehab'ed, and in doing so, got to know our fascinating neighbor who called it home for some three decades. Even before the stories we heard from him, we had long been familiar with the origins of the circa 1911 house. Through this next renovation project — our fifth to date downtown — we look forward to learning more. We are excited to finally [hopefully] discover exactly what kind of catalog kit home it actually is. When we begin to pull original paneling from its pre-fab walls, we hope to discover the stamp markings so often associated with these mass-produced residences of a bygone era. This will give us even more information about where it came from, when it was produced, and maybe even find others just like it.

The beautiful bungalow has stood for over a century as a near sole original Between the Rivers example of the craftsman style, complete with some of the most beautiful era-appropriate windows we've ever seen—almost all original. Passersby will also notice its dramatic, low-pitched roof and deep eaves with exposed rafters. It's covered front porch also features those quintessential tapered columns. The cottage is a livable and suitable place as is, but we look forward to helping modernize and take it to the next level. There will be some moving of doors, openings created, bathrooms turned to cedar closets, new roofing, fireplace rehab, kitchen enhancements, and whatever else a renovation may cover in the process. While respecting the character of the home, we want to make sure that whatever is done also lends itself to something less "pre-fab." For example, the plan is to replace the thin, aging original particle board paneling with more permanent drywall and trim to match the craftsman esthetic. We have never been purists, but we still want to do the architectural style justice — of course. As with any renovation, anything we take out is going to be replaced with something even better. Laminate will be replaced with ceramic tile. One thing we won't replace, though, is the beautiful heart pine flooring. 

The kitchen already underwent one renovation (more of a facelift), but we plan to replace flooring and update details like cabinet hardware, and add new appliances, while also working to open up the space to the rest of the house and incorporate additional storage. As with any project, we expect to do more hidden, albeit much-needed, repairs, including replacement of original plumbing and replacement of window AC units and space heaters with the home's very first HVAC system. Consider it a 107th birthday present to a historic dwelling that has seen many changes downtown. 

Here's to "BTR" project no. 5 and the modernizing of a true gem in downtown Rome. Be sure to follow the progress by checking the blog, subscribing for updates or by following the hashtag #Bungalow3rdand3rd.

Renovations begin December 2018…

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