Craftsman Renovation 3 [the final product]


Under Contract well before the renovation was complete, I worked with the future owners on some custom features. The grey paint on the outside, as much as I’d like to take credit, was their decision. I think it looks amazing, fresh, and clean.


Inside, the owners requested a few other changes. I’d intended to have the brick chimney exposed around the fireplace. In fact, it was done and (I thought) looked great, but they requested that it should be drywalled over. We did and the look changed from rustic to a bit more streamlined. Likewise, the salvaged ceiling from an historic Broad Street store that we used as the backsplash was very rustic (rusted edges and dingy paint). The owners requested that we paint it a fresh white. We did, and again, the look changed from rustic to clean. It was a nice change. Otherwise, we proceeded…

Please see the finished pictures below…

Jeb ArpComment